Let the Adventure Begin!

October 4, 2015

After many hours filled with decisions, editing, and learning how to do WordPress with Michael King the webdesigner–who I HIGHLY recommend–I have just sent a broadcast e-mail to people known to me to come and take a look at the my art work.

It isn’t really work in the toil sense least not for me.

I’ve learned about myself, my skill, my tools and my benevolent muse that I did not know when I started this adventure in late 2013.

I can only wonder where I will go from here.

No one owns colour.  So whether you like my abstract type of art or other art style is entirely subjective–up to you!   Yeah!

Truth be known some of my work I haven’t like but a friend has or my printer’s assistant encouraged me to print some that I didn’t like for others to chose.   Wow.


contact me if you want – bmulski@telus.net


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