Artist Statement

Hello!  My name is Barbara Mulski and I am a self-taught contemporary artist.  I am a very intuitive person and with ease I follow the bold, brilliant paint that my creative muse chooses.  I have no idea or plan as to what a finished piece will become.  I rarely use paint brushes; indeed, when painting on canvas I find that I tend to use large trowels.  When using alcohol inks I let gravity direct the coloured inks and create its own path and layers.  My digital art paintings are all done in Photoshop CS6, where my muse controls the mouse on my computer.

My goal is not to learn specific techniques.  Rather, I am to let myself be inside the colours and the process where time evaporates and where I experience peace – a celebration of colour.

My large-scaled Giclée  on canvas prints possess my keen sense of contemporary use of colour that grabs your attention.  I am told that one’s senses react to the motion and vibration of the artwork as if the viewer is absorbed into the piece.

The Giclée prints are sure to bring energy into your home to stimulate your space and your soul.


bio-photo-barbara-mulskiArt has been all around me for my entire 67 years in some form or another.  My mother, a graduate of the Vancouver School of Art in 1945, gave me an appreciation for colour and showed me its basic elements. While I grew up she was very creative in our home’s décor, fashion, sewing and artwork on the walls.  I dabbled in photography for many years, and from that have developed an extremely keen eye for composition.

Several years ago, time freed up in my life and with that came a surge of spontaneous energy to explore the use of colour.  I started with doodling and then dropping alcohol inks onto photographic paper and clear transparencies.  I found a professional printer that introduced me to how my small format work could be enlarged to Giclée prints on canvas.  This then took me to actually working on canvas with thick and fluid acrylics.

Recently I’ve found my way to digital art painting on Photoshop CS6 and took tutorials.

Digital painting is the method of creating an art painting digitally on the computer. The computer graphics software, Photoshop uses a virtual canvas and virtual painting box of brushes, colours, filters and other supplies.   The virtual box contains many instruments that do not exist outside the computer, and which give a different look and feel from an artwork that is made the traditional way. These created images can then be printed onto paper, cloth, and canvas.